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Account and Billing

You can check out the first module of the course for free here. If you like what you see you can use the buttons in the bottom of the pricing page to buy the full course.

Billing is handled via Paddle who charge local taxes and produce an invoice. Paddle uses local currencies which might not match the price shown in the website.

Make sure to use the link sent to you by email. To move to the next class or the course index used the links within the first lesson. We don't track or use cookies so your key passes through.

Website Issues

Please use the integrated chat wizard to report it.

This can take up to 24 hours. Different timezones and work schedules.

After purchasing you will receive a link to join the group.

We share some resources since Shai is the co-founder of Codename One and runs that company as well.

That's an illegal copy. Please don't purchase or support that site. Let us know about it in the chat...

Course Material

The first module covers JetBrains IDEs since VSCode doesn't include many advanced features. Visual Studio has most of them, so I hope they'll eventually make it to VSCode, and I'll update the course.
The other modules are IDE agnostic and not as heavily focused on the JVM although there are occasional places where it does show up.
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