Developers treat debugging like taking out the trash. We hold our noses and run to the door...

Let's change that. Debugging is a discipline that can be honed. It has nuances, tricks and best practices. Unfortunately, we don't learn it at university and only pick it up on the job. This is pretty terrible since we spend so much of our time debugging.

We can do better!

Learn from the Debugging Masters

25 years ago Shai was debugging with a senior developer and got blown away by his own ignorance. This set him on a path of learning that evolved into a decade long career as a consultant. In that career he used the debugger as a "secret weapon".
Shai's career led him through Codename One (where he built JVMs and development tools) to Lightrun where he built debuggers. Then in 2022 he wrote Practical Debugging at Scale for Apress which is the basis for the course on this site.
The course and book incorporate the tips and tricks from his decades long career.