Cloud Native Debugging in Kubernetes and Production

Learn to debug like a senior developer in this comprehensive course based on the book.

We spend a great deal of time debugging code. Yet Universities don't teach that essential skill. Why?
Because it can't be tested. But it is teachable. By leveraging this course and book you will become a better developer and increase your productivity significantly. The first module of the course is available for free in this site and on youtube.

Practical Debugging at Scale Book Cover

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Three parts, eight module, and hours of tightly edited content

IDE Basics

Do you know about Marker Objects? Entry Renderers? Stream Debugger? Jump to Line? The first module of this course is 100% free and you can check it out in this website, no strings attached!


Ever spent all night on a bug only to find out it was a "stupid" thing that you missed in the beginning?
We all have!
There's a systematic process for tracking an issue that reduces the chance of this recurring.


Is your debugging session limited to the IDE?
What do you do when there's a dead end or the problem only happens in the release version of your application?
That's where external tooling can take you to the next level as a developer.


This isn't a course on coding. You should know how to do that before you start. But how do you write code that's easier to debug?
Code that fails in predictable ways. Code whose failures are easy to understand and track. Code that doesn't drain your bank account because it overuses cloud resources.


Not only is Kubernetes hostile to debugging, it does that on a scale that creates its own set of problems. Add the complexity of production debugging to the mix and we've got a new set of problems.


Kubernetes has an ephemeral state problem, serverless takes that problem to a completely new level.


As we chase a bug we need to venture outside our comfort zone. To tiers and tools we might not be as comfortable with. In this module we'll discuss debugging the frontend and the database to create a tongs motion around the bug.


Production debugging is really about observability. Yet so many of us leave these tools to the DevOps team. In this module we'll cover these tools from a developer perspective.